Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Get This Blog Started!

I have finally joined the tech savvy ones from Cravens that have already started their classroom blogs!
I am excited to share with you all that is going on in Cravens' Media Center!
March 22nd - 26th
  • We are continuing our author study of Marc Brown. Cravens students have learned a great deal about Marc Brown and his characters from the Arthur series. Did you know that Marc Brown hides the names of his children on pages in the Arthur books? The next time you pick up a picture book by Marc Brown look for the names Tolon, Tucker and Eliza!

  • We are combining our author study with our study of fiction stories.

  • The students are becoming experts at identifying the elements of fiction such as the setting, the characters, the problem and solution!
  • In addition to reading books by Marc Brown, students have learned that they can go to to find games and other fun activities relating to Arthur!
  • We are also counting down the school days until Spring Break! Only 9 more to go!!!
  • On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we will also have the A R store so make sure you are reading and passing those tests so you can spend your points!

  • Don't forget Wednesdays are Open Library days! Open Library is from 3-4 pm. Students in Kindergarten - Second grade must have a parent/guardian with them. Students in the third and fourth grade can stay at Open Library without an adult as long as they have a permission slip on file. Come join us for a great time!

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