Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our photographer for Thursday's activities is James from Mrs. Strong's class. Today we had to multi task! (which is our middle name)  Some of the students had already made their password strips so they were able to read and explore on Big Universe. They enjoy using Big Universe. Others made their password strips which will help them keep all their passwords in one place and help them know where their passwords are.


Third grade photos by Kaitlyn P from Mr. Williams' class. Great job!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Too Many Passwords!

"What's the password for my email?"  "What's the password for TumbleBooks?" "What is my username and password for Big Universe?"  These are the questions that plague me all year long...even when they are displayed in the room. This year I found a very cute idea on Pinterest! So I adapted it for my students.

The students each chose one paint chip strip. We placed labels with the name of the website and our username and password on the strip. Our class photographer for the day, Trey, has submitted these pictures for our blog today. Trey is a fourth grade student in Mrs. Payne's homeroom.  He did an awesome job with his pictures!

As the year progresses, if we find that we have run out of space on paint chip strips we will add a paint chip strip. We will use a hole punch to put a hole in one of the upper corners and attach the strips with a string, ribbon, or some other creative way. The students also asked me to make a label with free e-book and interactive book sites. I will do just about anything to get my students exticed about reading!


I'm going to make copies of these strips and laminate them so the student can keep the copy at home and the original at school. 

Ky'Reon was the classroom photographer for his class, Mrs. Harrison's. Ky'Reon is a third grade student. He was very excited to be the class photographer!

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Project!

Today I explained to Mrs. Harrison's and Mrs. Payne's class about our new "project" we will be working on this year. I found an awesome idea on Pinterest and can't wait to implement it with the students. We will have a class photographer each day take pictures of the class as we work. Then the class photographer will post the pictures to our blog and write a little summary about what is going on in the picture. This will help me to keep the blog updated, allow the students ownership in the blog and the classroom as well as give the students more experience with technology!